Monday, August 3, 2009

Happy birthday to Carrie Ingalls!


Carrie's birthday today.
I will tell you about her birth in Kansas, I read a book, name is Little House in Big Woods.

One hot afternoon, Aug 3rd, 1870. Mary and Laura wants go to Old Indian Camp so Pa take them with Jack the bulldog. Ma stay at home with Mrs. Scotts. Mary and Laura found beads. They went to home. They saw a baby in blanket. Baby had black hair and black eyes. Her skin are so red, almost same as Sumac Leaves. They tought she was a Indian baby but she is their baby sister. Ma and Pa pick name for baby. Caroline Celestia Ingalls. Mary and Laura take turns to hold Carrie.
Few weeks after Carrie's birth. They decide call her, Baby Carrie. They still call her, Baby Carrie until she is four or five. They just call her, Carrie. Because she is not baby anymore.
139 years ago, Carrie born in little log house. 1946, Carrie died.
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  1. I love your blog, thanks for stopping by mine.

    I am such a huge fan of LHOTP and this is just great :)