Friday, August 14, 2009

Mary and Laura Ingalls

Hello. Now, Two girls are my favorite characters now. Mary and Laura Ingalls. I still like Carrie and Grace. Here is many pictures of Mary and Laura. I pick my favorite pictures of them.
Mary and Laura are two years apart, just like in books. I will tell you each pictures that what they doing? And episodes too! In season 2, most time they have crazy adventures. They got trouble in end of episode.

The girls saw Mr. O'hara is hurt by shot from outside. Season 1- Circus Man

They are laugh because Mr. Edwards fell asleep and Carrie said Read!. Season 1- Ma's Holiday.

They smell something awful when Mr. Edwards cook. Ma's Holiday

They watching the fireworks. Season 2- Centinnel.

They dance while Pa play fiddle and Mr. Whipple play banjo. Season 2- Solider's Return. That scene when they dance, they doing very good.

After they dive in the lake to save the puppies. Mary took all 3 puppies out of the bag and feel the rock. "Laura! Silly Old Rock!" Mary said then they hugging. That is my favorite scene when they save puppies. They are really cute when hugging.
Season 2- Remember me part 1.

They saw that man threw bag (inside are puppies and rock) into lake, They are telling him. He said Go away or I will stick ya. Then they look at him then run and hide. Season 2- Remember me part 1.

They are in the wagon. Ma told them please hug and keep warm. They hugging. That was sweet scene. Season 1, Survival.

They watch Mr. O'hara put magic powder as they watch it disappear and reappearing. Their face are priceless. Look at their eyes. Mary's blue eyes are beautiful pale blue eyes. Laura's brown eyes are cute too. Season 1- Circus man.

They watch him do it. Season 1- Circus man.

In Laura's dream that they are rich. They are pretty in white dresses. Season 2- At end of rainbow.

They talk to Rev. Alden about that gift. I will post episode about the gift soon. But I can tell you what they doing? But I will tell you whole episode about it.
They gave present to him. Season 2- The Gift (It is my favorite episode)

I not know which episode but it is earlier episodes in season 1, I think it is behind the scene. They are cute.

episode- The Gift, I can't tell you what happen about episode...I will post about it. Anyway, they look for something that they give to Rev Alden for his birthday.

Episode- Season 2- Runaway is Behind the scene. I will tell you what happen when I post about Runaway Caboose..Anyway they tries to stop the caboose with their friend Carl Edwards.

I am sure it is from Pilot Movie. Behind the scene.

They look at their boxes, count the coins...None of them have enough coins to buy something. Season 1, Christmas at the Plum Creek.

Pilot Movie- It is really from scene but I guess it is break hour for them.

Behind the scene, I think it is from season 1- Survival. They make fake snowman from fake snow. It look like they building snowman look like Pa Ingalls.

Behind the scene, from At end of the rainbow.

I found that image from forum, aren't they cute? I not remember which episode it is from but it is from season 2.

Behind the scene again- At end of the rainbow.

Pilot Movie, I did post about Pilot Movie few months ago. Anyway, that scene, they saw Indians going in their house. Laura tries untie the rope and Jack can get them but Mary told her no and pa told them not to untie rope.

From season 2, the Gift.

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  1. Enjoyed seeing these, BG. I like the one of them looking at the fireworks the best.


    Sheila :-)