Monday, June 29, 2009

Open Credit


Open Credit. It is open credit in season 1 until season 7. Three girls run down the hill. Little Sidney Greenbush fell down when she was running. I like when the three girls were running down the hill. Season 8 open credit is same but two girls run down the hill because they cut part of Melissa Sue Anderson because She is not appearing in season 8.
But she appeared in two episodes and she was co-starring in the end of episodes.

Most episodes show same open credit. Sometime they are uncredited because they are not appearing in the episode. Like one episode and Michael Landon is not in the episode so he is uncredited.

Season 9 is very different! There are pictures of the cast. Melissa Gilbert's pictures, one is from Pilot movie and other is season 9. Season 8 should get three different girls running down the hill like Lindsay Greenbush, Missy Francis (Cassandra Cooper), and Wendi or Brenda Turnbaugh (baby Grace Ingalls) run down the hill.
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Monday, June 22, 2009

Nice gift from England!


Two days ago (June 20), I saw a package from England. I open the present. It was a nice mirror case with Mickey ears. I can use it in my purse. It is match color (Orange) as my cell phone color! But my cell phone had little bit dark orange and little bit shiny than Mirror Case color. But it is perfect color.
BIG Thank you to Lindsay-Ann and Jessica. I will remember it. I will look at mirror and think of you gave it to me. Big Thank You!
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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Little House in the Big Woods

I recently read it last night. That book is nice book. It is first book that Laura wrote in 1932. I read it first time in early 2000s, I not remember when.
I will tell you summary about it. But it is little hard to explain. I tell you which parts, I enjoy read.

Long time ago, sixty years ago in 1871. There is a little girl name is Laura. She live in big woods in Pepin, Wisconsin with her pa and ma and two sisters. She is four years old. She had so much chores! Mend, baking, tend, and other. Her favorite are Baking and Churning. She dislike Sundays because they had to be quiet and sit on chair. Play little bit but most time quiet.
I read first 10 chapters, No one talk about Baby Carrie. She said she have two sisters. No pictures of Baby Carrie in first 10 chapters. I love part is Christmas because it sound sweet.
She got very first rag-doll, Charlotte. She had a corncob, Susan. Mary is bigger than her and she had rag-doll, Nettie. She sometime let Laura hold Nettie. Susan cant see, That was not Susan's fault because she is corncob.
Foods- I think it is pretty okay, They eat pig tongue and liver. Even Bear's drumsticks. I think it sound kind of clever that their pa would blow up Pig's bladder like balloon and tied with string. They can play it as ball.
They eat curd. After Churning, carrot (or cheese). They eat GREEN curd. I thought it is little gross but interesting.
I like chapter about Dance at Grandma's. They goes to their grandparents house for dance. Laura Ingalls and other Laura Ingalls are fight about which baby is cutest. Laura "Half Pint" said Carrie is MOST cute but other Laura said No, she doesn't.
I forget tell you about "Half Pint", that is Laura's nickname. Pa call her Half Pint. Because she is SO small. Sometime he call her, Half Pint of drunk cider but i forget something. She is strong frenchhorse.
She had bad behavior sometime. Mary and Laura get ringlets that Ma put rag on their hair. Laura had mousy brown hair. Mary had beautiful golden hair. They ask Aunt Lottie. Mary said "Which blond hair or brown hair best?".. Aunt Lottie said she liked both. Laura and Mary had to pick tree chips. "She like mine best than your brown hair" Mary said. Laura became mad and slapped her in face. Pa saw all.
I will tell you more about other books, my fingers are tired from typing.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Three Or More Tuesday- Little House family

Charles and Caroline Ingalls and their eight children (Two oldest daughters' husbands are behind them)

I can't put real Ingalls family picture on it because it is too big and showed half of picture.
TV Ingalls family picture is big family!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Carrie's button necklace


I have Little House craft book. I made a button necklace. Laura and Mary made a button necklace for Carrie's Christmas present. I thought it was cute. Also in the book, I read, "Laura and Mary found buttons in Ma's button box and they found many pretty buttons, including dog head button, shapes, and even a little castle on button".

Do you spot banana button?
If you want to make a button necklace, Here are the directions.

I found buttons in my string box. Some are tangles. It is not Carrie's. I found some buttons on clothes that broken or fell off.
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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Real Laura and TV Laura

TV Laura 1974 and 1983

Real Laura. 1880 and 1890s

Cute Laura to lovely Laura. They not look same.

On the Banks of Plum Creek

This book is my first favorite book of nine books! I read it over and over. Anyway, I think I read it first time maybe 3 years ago. I thought it is cool but it is fantastic me. That book wrote by Laura Ingalls Wilder. It is circa 1935. I will tell you summary about that book.

In spring 1874, Laura and her family, Pa, Ma, and two sisters, Mary and Carrie. She is seven years old. Mary is nine years old and Carrie is three and half years old. They move to Walnut Grove from Kansas. Laura found dugout. They saw door and window.
Laura and Mary saw a path. They walk and saw Plum Creek and plum trees that along by the creek. They had to live in dugout for a while. Pa built a log house. They live about 1/2 mile away from Walnut Grove. Laura find a strange creature in tall grass. It is badger. She never see that before.
Laura and Mary goes to school. They met that snobby Nellie Owens (Oleson), Nellie's brother, Willie call them Snipers, snipers. Because their dress are so short, above their knees. They met nice friend, Christy Kennedy. Her brother, Sandy call them snipers too.
Christy have two other sisters. They are country girls (Ingalls). They met nice teacher, Miss Eva Beadle. She gave them a tablet and chalk to share. They only have ma's old books. Laura can't read or write. She learn fast and fast. She learn letters spelling like Bat, Hat, Rat, and Cat.
They have first party! Nellie invited them to go her party. Laura and Mary changed their best dresses and brush their hairs. They never had any party. They walk to Mercantile. Mr. "Oleson" lend them to living room. They saw Noah Boat with animals.
Nellie show her two dolls, one wax doll but she not care and threw it in the box. She show real china doll. Laura touch her real ruffle dress and it is rip. She mad at Laura. Mrs. "Oleson" seem sweetly to Laura. They eat cake and drank their lemonade in big glass. That is their very first time to drank lemonade!
Laura and Mary wanted their own party. Ma and Pa said Yes, You can do that! They invited Nellie, Christy, Maud, and other girls. The girls (friends) saw Jack (dog) and petted him. Nellie shout at him. "Go away!" Nellie said.
They walk in the house and they greeted pa and ma and little Carrie. They went to Attic (Loft), that were Mary and Laura sleep. Many girls want sleep in attic too. They went to Plum Creek.
Older girls and Mary took Carrie to play in shallow water. Laura ask Nellie come with her to see over there. Nellie come to her and look at something. Nellie scream and saw Bloodsuckers (Leeches) suck her legs.
Mary mad at Laura, tell her to PULL off that thing on Nellie's legs but Laura laugh so hard. "Do it now or I tell Ma" Mary said. Laura look at her and pulled bloodsuckers off as girls scream.
They eat bitter vanity cake, that have hollow inside like bubble. It is not taste sweet. They drink nice, cold glass of milk. They said good bye to friends as they walk to home.
On Christmas, They went to Church. Laura saw a big Christmas tree with presents. Rev. Alden told people. Ingalls girls are his country girls. Laura got her very first fur cape (like coat with scarf), Mary got her new coat but it is too small and not fit her so give to Laura. She get other one. Carrie got little china brown and white dog. Laura got jewelry box.
On Nov 1, 1875, they went to school and come home. They wonder where is Ma? They got new baby brother, Charles Frederick Ingalls. They call him, Freddie. On 1876, there is grasshopper plague! Grasshoppers are everywhere in Walnut Grove.
Plague start in Minnesota in 1873 to 1877.
Sad day, On August 27, 1876. Nine month old Freddie died. Because he had weight loss and sick all time, got fever many time. He is so thin, not chubby as babies. He died in his tiny body and buried in South Troy, Minnesota.
They left to De Smet, South Dakota. The End.I feel like Laura in that book.
Do you like it?

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Michael Landon (sorry I did not make it on Picasa). Anyway,
Michael Landon was born on October 31, 1936 in New York. His parents were Mr. and Mrs. Orowitz. He had one sister, Evelyn (born in 1933). His real name was Eugene Maurice Orowitz. He found "Michael Landon" in the phonebook. He played Little Joe in Bonanza. He was in Gunsmoke and some TV shows. Of course he was on Little House as Charles Ingalls "Pa"
He appeared in little house 1974-1983. He was also a writer and filmed that show. It was the most wonderful TV show ever! He appear in Highway to Heaven (1982 or 1983 to 1986).
He married three time. He had nine kids. Four were biological and five were adopted kids. One of his children, Mark Frasier was found dead a few weeks ago. He was only 60.
He smoked a lot. Of course "Pa" used pipes. He used one or two packs of smoke a day. He got cancer. It was pancreatic. That was because he smoked so much. Sadly, on July 1, 1991, he died. Many little House cast members were very sad about his death.
Also many kids in little house (like Melissa Gilbert, Melissa Sue Anderson, Lindsay and Sidney Greenbush and other kids) said He ate frogs. Anyway, he got a frog in his mouth and waited for people talk and he started to say, "Hi" and frog came out. Some people got grossed out. Kids think it is funny.