Friday, July 31, 2009

Charles Ingalls and his family


Look at pictures.
Real Ingalls family and TV show Ingalls family.
Compare both pictures. And informations about both too.

Real Charles- beard.
TV Charles- no beard.
Real Caroline- darker hair.
TV Caroline- brighter hair.
Real Mary- golden, curly hair.
TV Mary- blonde, straight hair.
Real Laura- no buckteeth.
TV Laura- have buckteeth.
Real Carrie- had no hair bangs.
TV Carrie- have hair bangs.
Real Grace- had no hair bangs
TV Grace- have hair bangs.

Real Charles born in 1836. 100 years later, TV Charles born in 1936.
Both Caroline have five children (Freddie/Freddy died as infant)
Both Mary are blind but real Mary got blind at age 14 and TV Mary got blind at age 15 1/2.
Both Laura are tomboy..They run, shout, climb tree, and fishing.
Real Carrie born in 1870. 100 years later, TV Carrie born in 1870.
Real Grace born in 1877. 100 years later, TV Grace born in 1877.

Birthday- Real Ingalls and Cast members.
Charles Philip Ingalls- Jan 10, 1836. Michael Landon (Charles)- Oct 31, 1936.
Caroline Lake Quiner-Holbrook Ingalls- Dec 12, 1839. Karen Grassle (Caroline)- Feb 12, 1942.
Mary Amelia Ingalls- Jan 10, 1865. Melissa Sue Anderson (Mary)- Sept 26, 1962.
Laura Elizabeth Ingalls - Feb 7, 1867. Melissa Gilbert (Laura)- May 8, 1964.
Caroline "Carrie" Celestia Ingalls- Aug 3, 1870. Lindsay & Sidney Greenbush (Carrie)- May 25, 1970.
Grace Pearl Ingalls - May 23, 1877. Wendi & Brenda Turnbaugh (Grace)- Aug 13, 1977.

Both Charles had brown hair. Real Charles had blue eyes. TV Charles had brown eyes.
Both Caroline had brown hair. Real Caroline had brown eyes. TV Caroline had blue eyes.
Both Mary had blonde hair and blue eyes.
Both Laura had brown hair and brown eyes.
Both Carrie had brown hair. Real Carrie had brown eyes. TV Carrie had blue eyes.
Both Grace had blond hair and blue eyes.

Both Charles and Caroline.
Real Mary never married. TV Mary married to Adam Kendall (Fiction character)
Both Laura married to Almanzo Wilder
Real Carrie married to David. TV Carrie is still young.
Real Grace married to Mr. Dow (forget his real name). TV Grace is still baby.

Charles and Caroline had five. TV Ingalls have 7...Albert, James, and Cassandra are fiction Characters.
Mary never had any. TV Mary have 2 but both died. One is miscarriage and other died in fire.
Both Laura have two.
Carrie had step children and TV Carrie is still young.
Grace never had any. TV Grace is still baby.

Where they born?
Charles- Cuba, New York. Michael Landon- New York.
Caroline- Wisconsin. Karen Grassle- Berkeley, California.
Mary- Pepin, Wisconsin. Melissa Sue Anderson- Berkeley, California.
Laura- Pepin, Wisconsin. Melissa Gilbert- Los Angeles, California.
Carrie- Kansas. Lindsay and Sidney Greenbush- Hollywood, California.
Grace- Burr Oaks, Iowa. Wendi and Brenda Turnbaugh- Los Angeles, California.

How old they are now?
Both Charles are dead. Real Charles is 173. Michael Landon is almost 73.
Caroline is dead, she is almost 170. Karen Grassle is alive, she is 67.
Mary is dead, she is 144. Melissa Sue is alive, she is almost 47
Laura is dead, she is 142. Melissa Gilbert is alive, she is 45.
Carrie is dead, she is almost 139. Lindsay and Sidney are alive, they are 39.
Grace is dead, she is 132. Wendi and Brenda are alive, they are almost 32.

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cutest kids to lovely ladies


Ingalls sisters.
Look at them, Cutest kids growing to be lovely ladies.
Mary, Laura, and Carrie are cutest in Pilot Movie to Season 2.
Season 3-6, They are pretty..Carrie is still adorable.
Mary and Laura are lovely in season 7-8
Carrie is still cutest in season 7-8.
Grace is still cutest baby in season 5-8.
They getting cutest and cutest on each episodes.
Then Season 5-8, Mary and Laura are getting lovely and pretty on each episodes.
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Monday, July 27, 2009

Ma's Holiday

Hello. Here is episodes review. Season 1, episode 8- Ma's Holiday. This episode is my 2nd favorite for season 1.
Aired- Nov 6, 1974. That mean filmed in end of July or early August 1974. Melissa Gilbert, Melissa Sue Anderson, Lindsay and Sidney Greenbush told interview, Ma's Holiday is their favorite episode. Lindsay had a early memory. She sat on roof.
Here pictures- all are order but I pick favorite pictures.


Episode review. A lot scenes of Mr. Edwardsa and Girls. Some of Pa and Ma.

Pa and girls smiling at ma and they know what is it, Ma did not know about it. So pa told her that "We are going to Mankato for 6 days. Mrs. Grace Sniders will take care of Mary, Laura, and little Carrie. Pa went to Sniders' house and she got sore throat. Pa went back to home. Girls look sad but they heard Mr. Edwards sing. They ran to him and ask him for take care of girls. Girls became happy that he can babysitter them.

Pa and ma left. Girls eat supper with him. Look at Laura (picture- two of them). See she get green bean but she accident put it in milk then eat it. Mr. Edwards said that he was Sitting Bull. Carrie became little bad girl. She refused to eat and Laura gave her a spoon of food. Carrie put it on Mr. Edwards' nose. Mary say Carrie! Be good girl. Carrie said, Good girl. So cute!

They saw Mr. Edwards put Carrie's plate on floor and Jack ate chicken! They wash it then put Carrie in the bed. Mr. Edwards told them go to bed. Girls want a story but he said No. Laura ask him for pray. They pray and Mr. Edwards look at them. Then he give a kiss to Laura and Mary.

Mr. Edwards heard Carrie crying. She want to eat. So he put hot food on plate and saw her high chair. Carrie went to bed. Then He put plate on floor and Jack eat it again. Next day, Mary and Laura are hurry go to school because Mr. Edwards not wake them early and they will be late for school Carrie will be stay home with Mr. Edwards.

Carrie is little troublemaker. They doing laudry. Carrie watch him to wash sheets and she run to log near creek. Carrie pulled a clean sheet and fell on her. He sigh then tied her with string to pole. They went to hills. Jack barking at rattlesnake. They got it. He shoot the rattlesnake. He make it in pot (ACTUALLY chicken but it is pretend to be rattlesnake meat) and Carrie play with Rattlesnake's rattle tail.

Pa and Ma went to out for dinner. They eat fancy food.

Mary and Laura done their homework and smelling from it. They wonder why it's smell awful. They look at pot and they sniff. They watching Mary eat meat. She bite one piece of meat and coughing. Laura look at her and bite the meat too. Carrie eat it and meat stick out of her mouth and she seem like it. Then Laura tried give meat to Jack but Jack not want eat it.

They watch him put Carrie in bed but she giggle and shaking. Mary told him, Pa tell her story when she is restless. Laura took a book. Story name is Goldlocks and Three bears. Mr. Edwards talk about them but Carrie not like make up words. Laura read it to them. Then Mr. Edwards fell asleep.

Mary and Laura in bed. Mary could not sleep because of lighting. She ask Laura if she wake up. Laura woke up and they forget to collect eggs or chickens will make eggs go bad. They went to downstairs. Mary put matches in the lanters then they went to outside and pick the eggs.

Mr. Edwards heard chickens clucking and squawks. He took a gun and they open door. He shot it up to the roof. Girls came in and Mr. Edwards told them why do that? You better know that wolves is outside. They look at him and think it was funny and Mary ask him, Wolves in rain? They went to bed.

Pa and Ma went to the play, the play make ma upset then they went to store. She want a new bonnet but lady said That woman lost kids and they still find it but they not know that their kids been dead for years and years.

Mr. Edwards look for Carrie. Carrie hid in the bed. She play Pee-A-Boo. The girls walk from school and they saw Carrie sitting on the roof. Lindsay said it was her early memories and they put belts on her and sit on roof and she will not fell off the roof. Anyway Girls ran to house and told him that Carrie will fall off! Mr. Edwards nailed her dress to roof. They look at each another. Carrie is not scared and she was smile.

They went inside and roof is perfect. They went to school. Then Carrie is play horsey with him. Girls saw them and decide go to sit on his back. Mr. edwards' back start hurt. They help him go to the chair. Mary said, Not worry, I will take of Carrie and Laura doing her chores. Laura said Why I have to do chores? Mary told her becaue you are youngest. Laura told her that Carrie is youngest then Mary told her, No that sound sillier. Then Carrie make mess. She play with pots and pans. She put pot on her head and it is like hat. Laura said, I thought you will take care of her. Mary told her, I know but if not arguing!

They clean house. Laura went to store and give eggs but she saw Pa and Ma in wagon and she told Mr. Oleson to tell them stay for little while. So Laura hurries sweep, Mary hurries to get laudry. Laura took Carrie to her bed and change dress. Mary make bed then they are finish. Ma and Pa came home. Girls said Pa! Ma! They are happy that they are here. They hug and pa bring presents for girls! Mr. Edwards went to home.

The End. I will watch that episode this afternoon!
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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fan Fiction

Hello, I write fan fiction. That mean story. I type this story for like 3 days. So, I hope you like this story, I type 26 pages! It is long story. Enjoy. Some are sad, happy, and funny.

This story is from Season 2.

One morning, Laura wake up and she put her dress on and braid her long hair. Her sisters are already waking up. Mary took basket to chicken coop to collects eggs. “Hi Mary”, Laura says as Mary come in the house. “Hi, Good morning” Mary say. They sit down and eat breakfast. Pa left to mills. They go to school.
On way to school, Laura dragging her shoes. She stops and looks down at her shoes. “What are you doing? We will be late for school.” Mary says. “Button fall out of my shoe and it bother me” Laura say. Mary grabs Laura’s hand as the school bell rang. They ran to school.
School is dismissed. They decide play on see-saw. “Do you want know a secret?” Laura giggles. “Sure.” Mary grins. “I put a dead worm in Nellie’s lunch pail and I bet she will scream!” Laura whisper. They laugh. They walk to home. “Hi Mary! Hi Laura!” Carrie shouts as she run outside.
“Hello pa” Girls said. “Hello Darling”, Pa grins. “I have a wonderful news for you girls!” Ma said. “What is it?” Girls said. Pa knows what it is too! “We going take you to stay with your uncle and aunt for two weeks” Ma said. “And Ella, Peter, and Alice?” Laura smiles. “No not that one, You going to see Uncle Hi and Aunt Docia” Pa say. “And going tomorrow on train and you better packing now, Carrie done hers before” Ma say. Mary and Laura ran up the loft and they chattering as they packing. “I can’t wait to see Lena and Jean” Mary smiles. “Me too!” Laura grins. “Bring Sunday dresses” Carrie shouts from downstairs. They put clean, fresh ironed Sunday dresses on bed and make sure it is smoother not wrinkles. They put it in their bag.
Next day. They put their bonnet on. Mary holds Carrie’s hand gentle. Carrie is so nervous go on train for first time. “Is train fun?” Carrie in timidly voice? They nod their head. Pa took them on wagon and goes to Sleepy Eye and takes off to train. Pa waves them. “I wonder what Lena and Jean look like now?” Laura says. Three and half later, they got off train. “Hello there my little ones” uncle Hi laugh! They saw him and hugging him. “Oh wow, You are so big! Oh Carrie! You is not baby, Now four or five? Uncle Hi said. “I am five” Carrie giggles. They got on wagon. “Ma and Pa say Hello to you” Mary said in politely. Laura look at long prairie grass that along wagon. Carrie cling her doll in arms and look at them.
“Hi Laura! Hi Mary! Hi Carrie!” Docia, Lena, and Jean as they came out door. They hug them. “It is my dolly, her name is Debbie” Carrie say. Docia chuckles. They walk in the big house and Lena help take bags and show them a room where they sleep. They grin at Lena. Lena is Eleven, just like Laura’s age. Jean is eight. They talk with Uncle Hi and Aunt Docia about Walnut Grove in kitchen. Docia is making supper. Hi put logs in fireplace. Jean help with Carrie put their clothes in little drawers. Mary, Laura, and Lena talk. “I don’t like that Bragging Spoiled Nellie” Laura said. “Laura! We are going to school with her. I bet there is no bossy girl like Nellie or does have?” Mary hesitant.
“No. But one girl is bully, her name is Polly Bolin” Lena said. “Oh what she doing when she is bully” Laura said. “She hit balls to other kids and she not like new kids come to school, if they does, she will hit them hard” Lena said. “We…We are going to school and will she do that?” Mary said as Laura gulps hard. “um. Maybe but I will tell her that you and Laura are my cousins and she maybe not hit you.” Lena said. Docia called Kids, for supper. They eat stew, green beans, and potatoes. Pies for dessert. “Tomorrow you girls going to school” Uncle Hi said. “Me?” Carrie said. “No, you not going” Laura said, “We are going with Lena and Jean.”
Next day. Laura and Mary wake up and put their dresses and fix their hair. “Breakfast is ready now” Lena said. They eat breakfast. “I will be so nervous when meet that Polly” Laura said. “Aw, Not worry” Uncle Hi said. “What I doing?” Carrie said. “Oh, They going school, Hi going to work, so we can go to pick berries” Aunt Docia grins. Carrie grins back. They walk to school. Laura stands stiff. Mary took Laura’s hand and they walk. Lena lends them to inside school. Teacher saw them. “Oh well, you look so generous” Teacher smile. “They are my cousins, Mary and Laura Ingalls, they are from Walnut Grove. They arrived yesterday, they stay for 2 weeks. They also have little sister Carrie, she is here but she is only five and stay with my ma” Lena said. “That is beautiful name, How old are you?” Teacher said. “I am thirteen and she is eleven” Mary said. “Oh. My name is Mrs. Bells, Hope you have good weeks with your cousins!” Mrs. Bells said. They thanked her and sit on desk. Lena will sit behind them. She sits with Jean. “Oh Country Girls! Why you not wearing your dumb hay hat” Polly said. “WE ARE NOT! WE are from Walnut Grove! You better shut your mouth, WE are Lena and Jean’s cousins” Laura shouts. Laura back to her seat. “Why would you shout to her, like you did to Nellie!” Mary said. They sit and listen to Mrs. Bells. She said Come, Stand here and tell them who are you? They stand up. “My name is Laura Ingalls, I am from Walnut Grove” Laura said. “My name is Mary Ingalls, I am also from Walnut Grove and We are Lena and Jean’s cousins. We also have little sister, Carrie, she is here but stay at aunt Docia. We stay for two weeks, start yesterday” Mary said. Kids look at them and clapped. Lena smile at them. They went back to their seat. They learn about Jerusalem. At lunchtime. All kids sit with them. A nice girl name is Belinda Huron gave two piece of fried apples to them and they ate it. “I would like that if you like come to see my house, it is not far, just near to Lena and jean house” Belinda said. “Oh that is nice of you, maybe tomorrow because we want go home and see how Carrie doing with Aunt Docia.” Mary said in politely. Belinda is twelve years old, she have long red hair in braids and big green eyes. Bell rang, kids walk with them to school.
They run to home and they do their chores. “How is school?” Uncle Hi asked to Mary and Laura. “We have a good day with all kids sit together at lunch and ask us about Walnut Grove.” Mary grins. “And a girl name is Belinda, she is so nice to ask us to come visit sometime and we can see her tomorrow at her house, I yell at Polly because she mean to us” Laura hesitant. Uncle Hi give a big smile to them. They went inside and saw Carrie was baking pie with Docia. Her face and hands are covered with berries. She ate half of berries. Mary helps Docia to take pies in oven. Laura wipes Carrie’s face and hands. Lena set up table. Jean plays with train. Laura looks at books. Mary and Carrie help Docia make supper. “Supper time” Carrie called to them.

They eat supper and talk. “That is very good gooseberry pie, Ma usually baking strawberry pie, apple pie, raspberry pie, and pumpkin pie” Laura said. “Why thank you, Laura!” Aunt Docia said. Laura wash dishes with Lena. Jean helps them to put away dishes and cups. Carrie help Mary do laundry outside. “I miss pa and ma” Carrie said, she began to tears. “Aw Carrie! I know, We do miss them. Not worry, it is going fast. Pretend that Aunt Docia and Uncle Hi are our ma and pa. Okay?” Mary said as she put Laura’s pantaloon in basket.
They went inside. Laura walks with Carrie to bedroom and helps her put night gown and Carrie go in the bed. Jean going to sleep too. Lena shows them a pretty teacup and saucer, that was her ma’s grandma’s ma’s teacup and saucer. It is from Ireland. Her great grandma name is Eliza. They took a turn to look at teacup and saucer.
“I want Pa! I want Ma!” Carrie began cry. Mary and Laura come in room and saw Carrie crying. “I want Pa and Ma” Carrie scream. They told her to calm down. Uncle Hi, Aunt Docia, Lena, and Jean came in room. They decide take kids to town tomorrow before school and they can call on telephone. But They don’t have any so they call in Post Office.

Next day. They walk with Uncle Hi to Town. The manager calls Walnut Grove Post Office. They had wait for a while. They heard ma and pa. “Pa! Ma! It is Laura, Mary, and Carrie!, Carrie cried yesterday and now she is fine. We miss you!” Laura said. “Oh! Aw, That is good hearing! We do miss you my darling girls” Pa said. They talk for a little bit. School just starts five min ago. They walk to school. Jean left before too, he also explains Mrs. Bells about late. “Belinda is not here” Laura said. After school. Jean walks with his friends, James and Louis to Louis’s house. Lena, Mary, and Laura walk to Belinda’s house. They knock a door.

Mrs. Huron opens the door. “We are Mary and Laura Ingalls. Lena and Jean’s cousins.” Mary said. “Oh yes, Belinda told me about you girls. Welcome” Mrs. Huron grins. “Why Belinda not come to school today?” Laura asked. “Oh, she got really bad fever and not feel good” Mrs. Huron said. “Oh no! Can we see her?” Laura said. “Yes but you girls had to stand by door and can see her so you not get sick from her.” Mrs. Huron.
They walk to Belinda’s room. “Hello, We are here, We hope you feel better soon” Laura said. “Tha ..Coughing.. Thank you for telling me” Belinda smiles. They stay for a min then left. They walk to home. They doing their homework and chores. They eat supper then went to bed. They are so tired. Next day, Saturday morning. Everyone wake up and eat breakfast then went to town. “Look! A cow in livery!” Carrie squeals. “Moo” Laura and Mary said to Carrie. They buy 1 pound of cheese, three pound of nails, 5 pieces of candies, and 1 big bag of kernels. They came home and play outside. They eat little candies. “Want play hide and seek?” Jean shouts. Everyone running in nowhere. Laura counts to fifty. Carrie is hide behind the chicken coop, Jean is hide in barn. Mary is behind the big tree that beside the garden. Lena is hide in cellar. “Here am I come or not!” Laura shouts. She heard a giggle. “Carrie! I found you!” Laura giggles. They look for other. They found Jean in the barn. They found Mary then Lena. They decide go in the cellar and look at anything. They open a little tin box. It was Lena’s old toy box. They thought it is good idea to give Carrie. So they clean up the toy box and take it to outside. Uncle Hi carries pails and sponges to them to wash toy box. Carrie’s blue eyes got wider and wider as they wash the toy box.
They put the toy box in their bedroom. Carrie put little blankets and pillow in the box and put doll in and tucking Debbie. “Good night Debbie, You better go sleep. Mama going to eat supper now” Carrie said. They giggle with Carrie. They eat supper. Sunday morning. Mary, Laura, and Carrie put their Sunday best. They help button Carrie’s dresses and shoes. Mary brush Carrie’s hair and Laura put her blue ribbon on her side of head. They brush their hair too. They put ribbons on their heads. They walked out of room. Lena wears her best, it was bright red dress with little white flowers on it and white ribbons on her braids. Jean wears his best suit and hat. They walk to church. Rev Baldwin was quite friendly with Ingalls girls. They sit on long benches.
Mrs. Huron ran inside and she cried. “Belinda is dying! Belinda is dying! Can we have the funeral now?” she cried and sniffles. They look each another. Mr. Mutton and Uncle Hi and some men went to her house and put Belinda in wooden box and put a lot of flowers inside with her. They carry it to church. Everyone stand up and went to outside and look at them. “Yesterday, Belinda Marie Huron born in Chicago. They moved to here, Redwood, Minnesota. She raised here for 11 years. Today, Belinda going to heaven and we must pray to god to keep her safe and warm. Amen” Rev Baldwin said. Everyone look sad and solemn. Laura start cry and Mary rubbing Laura’s shoulder. Lena hold Carrie’s hand and Carrie’s eyes watery and biting her lips. They sing Belinda’s favorite song. They went to home. Laura and Lena decide give little cake to Mrs. Huron. So they walk to her house. Aunt Docia baked fresh cookies for Girls’ trip, they going home in 10 days. So she makes a lot of cookies and saves for them. Girls come back and told her that she like that cake. “Debbie is gone!” Carrie start crying and screaming. Laura and Mary ran in room and saw Carrie crying near toy box. They ask her to stop crying. “That is why Polly did not coming to church and maybe sneak up here and steal Debbie.” Laura said. “Look at window! It is broken! She might break the window and steal Debbie. And better tell Uncle Hi now.” Mary said.
They went to Polly’s house. Her ma open door and she using cane. “Are you blind?” Laura asked. Her ma paused for a sec. “I am blind! Who are you?” she said. “We are Ingalls girls, that Lena and Jean’s cousins. From Walnut Grove” Laura said. Her ma called Polly to come. “Why you are here?” Polly said. “Did you steal her doll?” Laura said. “No, and I am sorry I yells you other day but I thought you seem sweet but you are!” Polly said. They walk to home. Carrie still upset. They eat supper then went to bed. They walk to school. “It look like Carrie’s doll” Lena said as she point to girl with doll. “Where you find that?” Lena said. Rose looks at Lena and gives her doll. “I am sorry, My brother, Jim broke the window and steal the doll for me.” Rose said. Lena gave it to Mary so she can go back to house. “Carrie! What I found!” Mary said. “Debbie! Where you find?” Carrie squeals. She explains them that Rose’s Brother, Jim broke the window and steal doll for Rose. Carrie put her doll in little toy box. She left to school. At lunchtime. All kids sit together. They put all food on ground and kids can trade or taste it. “That is our ma’s best oatmeal cookies” Laura said in cheerfully voice. “Also my ma’s best rolls” Alice said. They ate it. School bell rang. They came inside. “Next Tuesday, Ingalls girls going to home after lunch but they will be here for morning classes.” Miss Bells said.
On Friday night, They went to Alice’s house and they have supper. Carrie plays with Alice’s little sister, Anna. She is five too. They like play dolls. They went to home and sleep. Saturday morning, Kids wake up and put their clothes on and eat breakfast. They hurries go to Alice’s house and they can go to swimming hole. Carrie and Anna are coming too but they must stay in shallow water. “Laura! Laura! Come here!” Mary said. Laura walk to near rocks. They found an old crab. “Why he is not moving? Is he dead?” Laura said. “Yeah, he is dead.” Mary said.
They swim and swim. They decide going to home. They eat lunch. Uncle Hi and Aunt Docia decide take kids to camp. Lena ask them if they had camp before. “Yeah, We went with Olesons then few weeks later, We went with pa!” Carrie said. They look at Carrie and smile to her. They are going to camp. They can stay for one day. Uncle Hi and Jean went to fishing. Laura and Lena put blankets and pillows in the tent. Carrie plays with pinecones. Mary helps Aunt Docia put fire up. She also watches Carrie. “Can we bring pinecones home?” Carrie said. “Of course, We can find anything here for ma and pa.” Mary said. Laura and Lena finish make beds. Uncle Hi and Jean come back and bring seven big fishes for supper. They eat supper. They decide walk little bit and find something for Pa and Ma. Then they going to sleep. They woke up very early, before sun up so they can go home and take bath. They put their Sunday dress and go to breakfast then church. They went to church. Rev Baldwin told people that on Tuesday, Ingalls girls going to home. We have good time with them or do we? Everyone said Yeah! “In school, we learn so much about Walnut Grove from them. They going write mails to us and Lena and Jean!” Henry said. They went to picnic. Kids play in water.
They went to home. Kids sit on floor and talk. “Let’s play tag” Jean said. Everyone went to outside and play tag. “Do you want go to town?” Laura said. They ask Uncle Hi for going to town. They walk to town and buy bagful of candies then go to home. They eat two pieces then put it in bag and save for trip. Monday morning, all kids in school give a present for Mary, Laura, and Carrie. They are glad that they gave presents to them! “We will miss you and write to us!” Cathy said. “Also make sure Carrie write mails to my little sister and brother when Carrie can read and write!” Harry and Alice said. They smile and look at books.
They went to home and do their chores. “I will miss them, Mary.” Laura sighs. “I know, I will miss them too!” Mary said. They packing their clothes and stuff. Carrie can pack by herself too.
Tuesday morning. They went to school. Everyone look sad. “Will you sit with us for lunch before you go home?” Alice said. They nod. Then lunchtime. Everyone sit on grass. Uncle Hi going to town with Carrie. “Time for go to home” Uncle Hi said. Laura look at him then saw all kids are sad. “Good bye Lena and Jean.” Mary and Laura said as they hugging them. “Good bye” Carrie said and hugging them. Some kids are tears.
“I am so sad.” Laura bawling. Carrie cling her doll and look at Laura crying. Mary gives Laura a hug. “Not worry, We will write them tomorrow!” Mary said. They went to train. They hug Uncle Hi then went in the train.
Three hours later. They saw Pa sitting on bench. They ran to him and hugging. They went to home. Everyone ran to home and saw ma. They sit down on chairs. They talk about their 2 weeks with Lena and Jean. “Mama! We found pretty pebbles and pinecones for you and pa” Carrie said.
“We went to school, church, and camp” Laura said. “We made many friends. And We will write mails to them.” Mary said. “Belinda died during we are visiting them. She is very sick with high fever” Laura said. They unpack their bags. Then they eat supper. They went to bed, they are very tired from trip.