Thursday, December 31, 2009

Fan Fiction # 2

Yesterday and Today, I wrote a story. I hope you like it. 4 chapters. 17 pages.

Little House family
Season 2
Fan Fiction

Chapter 1: New student.

At school. Laura sits down on seat and smile. “Good morning, class. We will have new student today. Her name is Viviane Cortland. She is from Portland, Maine.” Miss Beadle said.
“Hello ma’am. My name is Viviane. I am eleven. Everyone call me Vi.” Viviane said as she walks in. All kids greeting her. At recess time. Vi walked to Laura and Mary. “What is your name?” Vi said.
“My name is Laura Ingalls. That is my sister, Mary.” Laura said. Vi looks at Laura. Vi starts mischievously smile at Laura. Laura’s eyes got wide. “Are you will beat me up?” Laura in shaky voice. “No! I wouldn’t beat up! How old are you both?” Vi said.
“I am eleven. She is thirteen. We have baby sister, Carrie. She is five.” Laura said. School bell rang. Everyone chattering as they enter school. Then school is dismissed.
“Um, do you want come to my house and meet my family?” Vi said in sweet voice. They look at her and go to the house. “That is my new friends. Their names are Mary and Laura Ingalls. They live up to road and near Plum Creek.” Vi said.
“Hello. Wait, Charles is your pa?” Thomas Cortland (Vi’s papa) said. “Yes, that right! How you know?” Mary said. He smiles. “I had new job that where your pa work.” Thomas said.
“Where is your ma?” Laura said. Vi looks at them and sighs. “Mama died when I was born.” Vi said. “We feel sorry about that.” They said.
“We best go to home before ma worried.” Laura said as they go to door. “Wow, she is sweetest person ever! I like her. Do you?” Laura said. “Yeah. I like her too!” Mary said.

Chapter 2: Typhoid Fever.

Few weeks later. Girls woke up. They groan. Ma heard groan. She went to loft and saw girls groaning.
“Are you alright?” Ma said as she rubs Laura’s hand. “No. We feel sick.” Laura said as she coughing. Carrie begins crying. “Mama!” Carrie cried.
Pa saw Carrie crying and girls groaning. Ma looks at pa. “I think girls got sick.” Ma said. So, pa get doc Baker. Doc Baker looks at girls.
Doc Baker said, all kids in Walnut Grove got Typhoid Fever including your daughters. They best go to Hanson’s house.
Carrie start crying and screaming. The girls saw Vi too. Vi looks really sick. “Ma? Will we die?” Laura said. Ma looks at her and shook her head.
Doc Baker sends Charles and Thomas to get medicine in Sleepy Eye. “Mary? Are you awake?” Laura said as she taps Mary’s shoulder.
“Yes, I am.” Mary said and she turns facing to Laura. “Do you think pa and Mr. Cortland will be ok?” Laura said. “Yes but why you said that?” Mary said. Laura look and shrugging.
Then they fell asleep. Pa and Mr. Cortland return and gave to Doc Baker. “Five kids died.” Doc Baker. That mean forty-five kids are still sick.
Two days later. All kids got better. Laura sits up and smiles at her sisters. All people are very exhausted but very happy that their kids are not sick. They went to home.

Chapter 3: Thanksgiving Dinner

On November 19. Miss Beadle writes “Happy Thanksgiving” on blackboard. “Class, I hope you have nice two weeks break. See you on December 2.” Miss Beadle said. Kids cheering and clapping their hands.
Class is dismissed. Mary and Laura run to home. Ma told them goes to pick berries from bushes. They took Carrie with them.
“Look at strawberries and blueberries!” Carrie cried as they walk to berry field. They start picking berries and put in two big basket. Carrie saw a little bird laying down.
Carrie picks bird. “Look at the bird. He have broken wing. Can we care him?” Carrie said. They look at Carrie and nod their heads. “When his wing healed and will you let him go?” Mary said. Carrie smiles and nods her head.
Half an hour later. They are done picking berries and walk to home. “Mama! I found a bird with broken wing. Mary and Laura said we can take care of him and when he healed wing and we let him go.” Carrie said.
Pa saw and put little gauze bandages wrap on bird’s wing. “I will call him Birdie.” Carrie squealing. “What kind is birdie?” she added.
“That is Robin Bird” Laura said. They get little box and put hay and twigs in box. It looks like nest. They put box near Carrie’s bed. Carrie put Birdie in nest. “Can I find wormies?” Carrie said.
Pa and Carrie went to outside near Plum Creek and find worms. Mary and Laura put berries in bowl and mashed them. They are making strawberry preserves and blueberry preserves.
Ma let them churn butter. Laura doing little bit then Mary then Laura then Mary then done with it. Carrie put a lot of worms in jar and put one worm in nest so Birdie eat it.
On Nov 25. Day before Thanksgiving. They are very busy all day. Ma put fat, juicy turkey and plump deer in separated pots. Mary peeling and cutting potatoes and put them in small pot and frying. Laura chopping green beans and let Carrie eat one piece of green bean.
Pa going to garden and get a pumpkin. Carrie sits down on chair and watch Mary and Laura help ma. Ma and Laura baking pumpkin pie. Mary and Carrie make cornbread and stuffing.
They are done cooking. They went to outside and filling water in tub. Carrie took bath then Laura took bath then Mary took bath then 3 girls put other dresses and brush their hair.
“That smells so good!” Laura said. They wash on table with wet rag. Carrie sweeps on floor. “That looks very nice. Good job, girls. I am proud of you doing all day! I have three pennies for you girls and buy one piece candies each,” Pa said and smiled at girls.
“Let’s go to see Olesons and say Happy Thanksgiving!” Laura said. They walk in store. “Good afternoon! We say Happy Thanksgiving to Mr. and Mrs. Oleson. They smile and say you too! They get three gumdrops. They eat it then walk to home.
At night, the girls went to loft and change their clothes and pray then go to sleep. Next day, everyone woke up. They eat pancakes for breakfast.
“You girls, must be quiet and play nicely or read a book. We will have bible verses later.” Ma said. “I rather sew nine patch pillow now.” Mary said as she went to loft to get their trunk and grab some fabrics.
“I will sew with you.” Laura said. Carrie plays with her doll, Debbie. Laura sew blue and purple patch pillow. Mary sew red and brown patch pillow. “Here, it is for you” Laura said as she hold pillow.
Mary looks at her. “Really? I make pillow for you too. Thanks!” Mary said. They smile and clean up. “Hey! Can we make two pillows for Carrie and her doll!” Laura said.
They sew a little pink and white patch pillow for Carrie. They sew little blue and red patch pillow for Carrie’s doll. Then they gave both to Carrie. Carrie smile and squealing.
After lunch. Ma and Girls sit down and study bible verses. Carrie takes a nap. Pa is outside and fix wagon wheels. They studies and talk about it. “John 1:11” Laura said.
At suppertime, they pray. Each person to say why thankful. “I thankful for have wonderful family. I thankful for work hard at school and chores. Amen.” Laura said. “I thankful for work hard and helping my family and two sisters. Amen.” Mary said.
“I thankful for help ma and pa and sisters. I learn new things from sisters. Amen.” Carrie said. Pa and Ma smile. They eat. They eat pie then full. “That was best dinner ever!” Laura said as she put her fork on plate.
Mary and Laura doing wash dishes. Laura dries them and put it on table. Pa gets dishes and cups in cupboard. Carrie went to bed and change to nightgown and look at Birdie. Birdie is been good bird.
Next day. Carrie woke up and screaming. “Mama! He is dead.” Carrie scream. Mary and Laura heard and calm Carrie. Carrie start crying and screaming. Laura has idea. “Let get new bird for Carrie.” Laura said. They walk outside and find new bird. They found one that Mrs. Smith keeps. She let them have because she understands that Carrie was upset that Birdie died.
They gave a new bird to Carrie. Carrie stop cry and look at the bird. “New bird from Mrs. Smith.” Mary said. Carrie gently holds him and grin big. “I will name him, Birdy.” Carrie said.
They smile and Carrie feed worm to her new bird. On Dec 2, they return to school. “How was your vacation?” Christy said. Christy is their best friend. They met her year ago when they join school.
“Yes, we have good time. Carrie got bird with broken wing. His name is Birdie then two days later, he died. Carrie got upset so, we find new one. Carrie got happy and call him, Birdy.” Laura said. Christy smiles and class bell rang. All kids sit on benches.

Chapter 4: Christmas

On Dec 17, kids have winter break for 3 weeks. They run to home. “Can we play outside?” Laura said. Ma nods her head and put coat and scarf and mittens on Carrie. Girls play outside.
They make snowman. Then suppertime, they eat stew and rolls and pie. On Dec 23. Pa went to hunt in Breechwood Forest. Ma and Girls went to shopping.
They buy then go to home. Pa bought one fat turkey, one plump rabbit, and fat hog. Pa skinned and scrapes meats from hog. Carrie stares at fat hog with her big blue eyes.
“Papa? How you know which meat are they?” Carrie asks. Pa shows her several meats. Girls sit on their bed. They are knitting two warm pink stockings for Carrie. Mary decide make new shawl for Laura. She picks dark red fleece fabric and cut it to right size for Laura.
Laura decides go to store and buy World History Book for Mary. A book cost five cent. On Dec 24. They are very busy again.
Pa put a lot of meats on table. Ma put fresh rabbit meat in frying and she put salt pork and lard on it and rubbing the meat. Mary and Laura make bread. They let Carrie snap the green beans and put it in bowl.
They teach Carrie to make cookies. Pa gets some small logs from outside and put it in fireplace.
Ma gets pork, bacon, and some meat from hog and wraps it with cloth so they save it for later. Mary wash yams and Laura cut them.
They put cookies in jar and wash all dishes and drying them and put away. Carrie pushes all chairs in.
They ate cornmeal and molasses and apple pie for dinner. Then girls put Carrie in bed and tell her a story. Halfway later, Carrie fell asleep.
Girls went to loft and change clothes and prays. Then they went to sleep. Next day, they woke up and put their Sunday dress (Church dress) and put pretty ribbons on their hair.
They ate egg, bacon, and biscuits. Then they open presents. They like it. Then suppertime, they eat delicious food. They feel stuffed. They wash dishes and drying.

The End.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Episodes

There is five Christmas Episodes. Few scene of Christmas from Pilot Movie, Christmas on the Plum Creek (season 1), Blizzard (season 3), Christmas they never forget ( season 8), and Bless the Children (the movie)(season 10)
Christmas on the Plum Creek and Christmas they never forget are my favorite episodes!

CHRISTMAS ON THE PLUM CREEK. It is so sweet episode! Summary.

Ingalls have first christmas in Walnut Grove! They are very excited. Pa, Ma, Mary, Laura, and Carrie have their own coins. Carrie ask pa what is Christmas? They not have enough money for buy presents. So Laura decide doing knit scarf for pa. Mary sew a shirt for pa and she work with Miss Whipple, who work for sew clothes. Ma decide sew a shirt for pa.
Mary come home and ask parents if she can help Miss Whipple. Big goofs--She said "I can sew her that I show, I mean I can sew that I show her", she suppose not said that. I thought it was cute.
Laura and Carrie went to store. Carrie had a penny. She want a star. Star is cost five cent but Mr. Oleson decide give her and get a penny from Carrie. (That is so sweet of him) So, Pa make a saddle for Laura. So she can use it for her lovely horse, Bunny. Laura decide trade Bunny for get new stove for ma. That is nice of Laura.
On Chrismas day, they woke up and open presents. Pa open presents. Ma hide the present because Ma and Mary sew same shirt for pa. Pa gave saddle for Laura. Mary got new furcape. Carrie got new carved necklace. Ma got new stove from Laura! Carrie said Open mine papa, so pa and Carrie open a gift. She said It for baby Jesus (that is really adorable)
So, Pa look at her and lift her to tree. Carrie put star on it. She said Happy Birthday, baby Jesus.


On Christmas Eve, Ingalls and Wilder in the Little House. Pa saw a wagon. Mary and Adam come from New York for surprise. Carrie sit on ladder and stare at star. That star is different from other one. Pa, Ma, Mary, Laura, Carrie, Grace, Albert, James, Cassandra, Adam, Almanzo, and Hester Sue share dinner.
Snow is really bad and wind blow harder. Before, Kendall going home but they had to stay here. Pa said Hester Sue, Albert, James, Carrie, and Cassandra sleep in Loft so Laura and Mary share big bed.(Pa and Ma's)Almanzo tell story about his Christmas. Hester Sue and Ma tell too. Laura told them about Kansas (from Pilot Movie). Next day, Carrie woke up and tell pa that Christmas is here.
Nothing much about presents :( but I really like see Ingalls family together.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


I found that website. Mary Ingalls' braille
Laura's sister Mary wrote on braille to Laura.
See red letters?
That is really amazing!
I know letters for braille but can't write it.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Ingalls sisters.
Top- Mary and Laura
Bottom- Carrie, Cassandra, and Grace
They have cute smiles.

Friday, November 20, 2009

A story

Wow, this week was very busy....Next week is Thanksgiving Break.

My story about Little House.

In 2000, I was 8 years old. I never knew Little House. Everytime, I look at books on shelves, I can see that book and never read it. It's belong to my 2nd cousin's book (Still have it now). I decide read that book (Little House on the Prairie) and I read first 4 or 5 chapters then stopped. A year later in 2001, at age 9, I read it. (It had bookmark)
I thought it was Fiction story. So I read other books. It's non-fiction story. I never knew that Laura will be my favorite author. So I like it. Few years later in May 2005, I saw on TV guide....It say Little House on the Prairie. I decide watch it.....It's started at 4pm-5pm but I start watch at about 415pm.
My first time saw episode is The Richest Man in Walnut Grove (season 2, episode 1). Scene- Mary and Laura in the bed. I not know which is Mary or Laura...So I not know which one is actor or actress.
I watch it but I not really like it. My expression was not enjoy...Just like boring face. I stopped watch it then in Fall 2005. I start watch it again. I start like it little bit by each days. I never knew that Lindsay Sidney Greenbush are twins. I thought Lindsay's middle name is Sidney. Then in 2006, I start like it more and more then really love it in late summer or early fall 2006.
I saw many websites about Little House. I found out that Lindsay and Sidney are twins in 2007. I really enjoy watch all seasons! I went to Minnesota last Summer, July 2008, you know that anyway.
I should watch that show before 2005 but....I was only 12 and half years old when I saw that show very first time. Now I hardly watch them because I had so busy often with school. But I had DVDs, I watch them on weekends and weekdays night. Sometime I feel neglect watch Little House but still love that show. Thank you to Laura Ingalls Wilder for write books, you are my favorite author. Thank you to Michael Landon for film little house, you are amazing actor and I wish I could meet both of you.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Cutest picture of day

Last night, I found on ebay. I found really cute picture of Mary and Laura...That episode from Country Girls....I guess someone (who work/help on the set) picture them...So cute picture! Look at their cute faces.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


I use paint (on computer)...II draw pictures. I hope you like it.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Funny caption game.

Game--Funny captions...But not true from that picture...Just fun.

Mary- Carrie! Are you alright? Get up!
Carrie- No! No! I am scared. I can't. snow is in my shoe.
Laura- Carrie! Our shoes got snow in too! LET GO!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Happy Birthday to Little House!

35 years ago, Little House aired on Sept 11, 1974. Happy Birthday to Little House!
season 1- FIRST episode- Harvest of Friend (Sept 11, 1974), I like this episode! It is really cute episode.

Look at adorable girls- Laura, Mary, and little Carrie from Harvest of Friend. I did not watch them first time until later, I saw first time is Season 2, episode 1 in May 2005. I will explain you about My first time watch Little House ok? Maybe later.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Mary and Laura Ingalls

Hello. Now, Two girls are my favorite characters now. Mary and Laura Ingalls. I still like Carrie and Grace. Here is many pictures of Mary and Laura. I pick my favorite pictures of them.
Mary and Laura are two years apart, just like in books. I will tell you each pictures that what they doing? And episodes too! In season 2, most time they have crazy adventures. They got trouble in end of episode.

The girls saw Mr. O'hara is hurt by shot from outside. Season 1- Circus Man

They are laugh because Mr. Edwards fell asleep and Carrie said Read!. Season 1- Ma's Holiday.

They smell something awful when Mr. Edwards cook. Ma's Holiday

They watching the fireworks. Season 2- Centinnel.

They dance while Pa play fiddle and Mr. Whipple play banjo. Season 2- Solider's Return. That scene when they dance, they doing very good.

After they dive in the lake to save the puppies. Mary took all 3 puppies out of the bag and feel the rock. "Laura! Silly Old Rock!" Mary said then they hugging. That is my favorite scene when they save puppies. They are really cute when hugging.
Season 2- Remember me part 1.

They saw that man threw bag (inside are puppies and rock) into lake, They are telling him. He said Go away or I will stick ya. Then they look at him then run and hide. Season 2- Remember me part 1.

They are in the wagon. Ma told them please hug and keep warm. They hugging. That was sweet scene. Season 1, Survival.

They watch Mr. O'hara put magic powder as they watch it disappear and reappearing. Their face are priceless. Look at their eyes. Mary's blue eyes are beautiful pale blue eyes. Laura's brown eyes are cute too. Season 1- Circus man.

They watch him do it. Season 1- Circus man.

In Laura's dream that they are rich. They are pretty in white dresses. Season 2- At end of rainbow.

They talk to Rev. Alden about that gift. I will post episode about the gift soon. But I can tell you what they doing? But I will tell you whole episode about it.
They gave present to him. Season 2- The Gift (It is my favorite episode)

I not know which episode but it is earlier episodes in season 1, I think it is behind the scene. They are cute.

episode- The Gift, I can't tell you what happen about episode...I will post about it. Anyway, they look for something that they give to Rev Alden for his birthday.

Episode- Season 2- Runaway is Behind the scene. I will tell you what happen when I post about Runaway Caboose..Anyway they tries to stop the caboose with their friend Carl Edwards.

I am sure it is from Pilot Movie. Behind the scene.

They look at their boxes, count the coins...None of them have enough coins to buy something. Season 1, Christmas at the Plum Creek.

Pilot Movie- It is really from scene but I guess it is break hour for them.

Behind the scene, I think it is from season 1- Survival. They make fake snowman from fake snow. It look like they building snowman look like Pa Ingalls.

Behind the scene, from At end of the rainbow.

I found that image from forum, aren't they cute? I not remember which episode it is from but it is from season 2.

Behind the scene again- At end of the rainbow.

Pilot Movie, I did post about Pilot Movie few months ago. Anyway, that scene, they saw Indians going in their house. Laura tries untie the rope and Jack can get them but Mary told her no and pa told them not to untie rope.

From season 2, the Gift.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Little House couples


Charles Ingalls and Caroline Quiner-Holbrook Ingalls
Adam Kendall and Mary Ingalls Kendall
Almanzo Wilder and Laura Ingalls Wilder
Charles and Caroline married in Wisconsin. They married in Church.
Adam and Mary married on Aug 15Th in Winoka, Minnesota. They married in Winoka Blind School.
Then two years later, Almanzo and Laura married on Aug 15Th in Sleepy Eye, Minnesota. They married in Sleepy Eye Blind School.
I like Ingalls, Kendall, and Wilder.
Other couples in Walnut Grove.
Nels and Harriet Oleson
Jonathan and Alice Garvey
Isaiah and Grace Edwards
Willie Oleson and Rachel S.
Mr. and Mrs. Bulton
Royal Wilder and Millie.
Pervical Dalton and Nellie Oleson Dalton
Mr. and Mrs. Simmons
Mr. Simms and Eva Beadle-Simms (Miss Beadle)
Rev. Alden and Anna (That actress who played as Anna, never appeared in other episodes, that why she died after that episode)
Mr. and Mrs. Carter
More couples, I forget their name.
Widow and Widower
Mrs. Thurmond
Miss Whipple
Mrs. Sanderson
Mr. Nordstorm
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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Walnut Grove, Minnesota. July 17-21, 2008.

I wrote on journal about my trip to Minnesota. Now I going show you, all pictures in Minnesota. I love Walnut Grove. I want to come back to Walnut Grove again. I don't want put all pictures, I just pick my favorite pictures.
I will type about Twins' questions and answer soon. It is in video and too long. I will try put video for blog. It is like 35 min or so in video. I will write Questions and Answers. I not remember all answers that they said but I can remember one, that they said when their mother give a birth. When doctor got Lindsay then the doctor said Oh there is one more baby then doctor got Sidney.
I will type them tonight and put it on blog tomorrow!

What a beautiful prairie! That where Ingalls lived..You can't walk further. I like this picture.

I waded in Plum Creek that where Laura and Mary swim. I surprise that Creek is not cold. It is warm. I bet when I waded and maybe where Laura stepped in dirt and waded and maybe same spot that I stepped in dirt and waded.

Picture from Pilot Movie. They are so young!

This is my favorite Ingalls picture. That after Little House episode- Christmas on Plum Creek (season 1). Aw, Ingalls girls' smiles are cute.

YOU won't believe that!!!! It is REAL mantel from Little House in 70s-80s! THEY save it! I touched it. CI + CI mean Charles Ingalls and Caroline Ingalls. I can't believe that they save that one! So amazing! So cool. I feel like I am in Ingallses' house

Little House.

This is Carrie's doll, Debbie. It is real doll from 70s. Carrie always carry Doll. Now it is belong to Lindsay. Debbie's one of legs are missing.

Top is Karen Grassle "Ma Ingalls" (not show in photo), 2nd shelf is Greenbush twins. 3rd shelf is Melissa Sue Anderson "Mary Ingalls". bottom- Board Game.

I love this picture of Lindsay and Sidney. They are absoluty adorable in their little jumpsuit. They read a fan mail from Amy Carter. President Jim Carter's daughter invited them to go to White House in Christmas 1978.

Oh, this is Pa Ingalls.

That is Ingallses' house. Magazine- Michael Landon.

I went to museum and I am fall in love with museum. I love that museum so much! I could look around in the museum for long time. Inside of Ingallses' house. That was cute house.

I hold a autograph picture of twins. That dress, my granny sew dress, pinafore,and pantaloon for me. I choose the calico. I like flower calico, it is blue, red, and green flowers. I still have that dress now!

I met Lindsay and Sidney Greenbush. I am in pioneer dress with bonnet. Lindsay is in blue shirt and Sidney is in pink shirt. They are baby Carrie. They are very nice. I got two autographs. One is Twins in regular clothes and other is Twins in episode- Godsister. Lindsay is Carrie and Sidney is Alyssa. There is also other picture that I not pick, it was twins with Bandit.

Walnut Grove Tribune. I thought it was fake but it is REAL, old building in 1880s. I can see through window. There is empty, I can't remember. The building is really old and very nice.

I buy new bonnet and candy cane (each piece cost 25 cent). That tree is real. That Laura curved on it, It said LI + AW, mean Laura Ingalls and Almanzo Wilder. How romantic! Haha.

The Ingalls' dugout. That is not from 1800s, People built that and show people what dugout look like when Ingalls lived in. I went inside and it is small and nice.

That wagon, I thought it was neat. I feel like I am Laura when I stand in the wagon.