Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Walnut Grove, Minnesota. July 17-21, 2008.

I wrote on journal about my trip to Minnesota. Now I going show you, all pictures in Minnesota. I love Walnut Grove. I want to come back to Walnut Grove again. I don't want put all pictures, I just pick my favorite pictures.
I will type about Twins' questions and answer soon. It is in video and too long. I will try put video for blog. It is like 35 min or so in video. I will write Questions and Answers. I not remember all answers that they said but I can remember one, that they said when their mother give a birth. When doctor got Lindsay then the doctor said Oh there is one more baby then doctor got Sidney.
I will type them tonight and put it on blog tomorrow!

What a beautiful prairie! That where Ingalls lived..You can't walk further. I like this picture.

I waded in Plum Creek that where Laura and Mary swim. I surprise that Creek is not cold. It is warm. I bet when I waded and maybe where Laura stepped in dirt and waded and maybe same spot that I stepped in dirt and waded.

Picture from Pilot Movie. They are so young!

This is my favorite Ingalls picture. That after Little House episode- Christmas on Plum Creek (season 1). Aw, Ingalls girls' smiles are cute.

YOU won't believe that!!!! It is REAL mantel from Little House in 70s-80s! THEY save it! I touched it. CI + CI mean Charles Ingalls and Caroline Ingalls. I can't believe that they save that one! So amazing! So cool. I feel like I am in Ingallses' house

Little House.

This is Carrie's doll, Debbie. It is real doll from 70s. Carrie always carry Doll. Now it is belong to Lindsay. Debbie's one of legs are missing.

Top is Karen Grassle "Ma Ingalls" (not show in photo), 2nd shelf is Greenbush twins. 3rd shelf is Melissa Sue Anderson "Mary Ingalls". bottom- Board Game.

I love this picture of Lindsay and Sidney. They are absoluty adorable in their little jumpsuit. They read a fan mail from Amy Carter. President Jim Carter's daughter invited them to go to White House in Christmas 1978.

Oh, this is Pa Ingalls.

That is Ingallses' house. Magazine- Michael Landon.

I went to museum and I am fall in love with museum. I love that museum so much! I could look around in the museum for long time. Inside of Ingallses' house. That was cute house.

I hold a autograph picture of twins. That dress, my granny sew dress, pinafore,and pantaloon for me. I choose the calico. I like flower calico, it is blue, red, and green flowers. I still have that dress now!

I met Lindsay and Sidney Greenbush. I am in pioneer dress with bonnet. Lindsay is in blue shirt and Sidney is in pink shirt. They are baby Carrie. They are very nice. I got two autographs. One is Twins in regular clothes and other is Twins in episode- Godsister. Lindsay is Carrie and Sidney is Alyssa. There is also other picture that I not pick, it was twins with Bandit.

Walnut Grove Tribune. I thought it was fake but it is REAL, old building in 1880s. I can see through window. There is empty, I can't remember. The building is really old and very nice.

I buy new bonnet and candy cane (each piece cost 25 cent). That tree is real. That Laura curved on it, It said LI + AW, mean Laura Ingalls and Almanzo Wilder. How romantic! Haha.

The Ingalls' dugout. That is not from 1800s, People built that and show people what dugout look like when Ingalls lived in. I went inside and it is small and nice.

That wagon, I thought it was neat. I feel like I am Laura when I stand in the wagon.


  1. Hi BG
    This is a wonderful post. Jessica and I enjoyed it very much. You look to have had a fantastic time at Walnut Grive. You look very cute dressed up in your prairie clothes. You got to meet the twins WOW!! I love the miniature house and the wagon.
    Thank you for sharing your amazing trip.
    Lindsay & Jessica

  2. I remember your excited expression when we were waiting in line to meet the twins. It was really cool when Sidney said that she knew you from your emails.
    One day we shall go back there.