Friday, July 31, 2009

Charles Ingalls and his family


Look at pictures.
Real Ingalls family and TV show Ingalls family.
Compare both pictures. And informations about both too.

Real Charles- beard.
TV Charles- no beard.
Real Caroline- darker hair.
TV Caroline- brighter hair.
Real Mary- golden, curly hair.
TV Mary- blonde, straight hair.
Real Laura- no buckteeth.
TV Laura- have buckteeth.
Real Carrie- had no hair bangs.
TV Carrie- have hair bangs.
Real Grace- had no hair bangs
TV Grace- have hair bangs.

Real Charles born in 1836. 100 years later, TV Charles born in 1936.
Both Caroline have five children (Freddie/Freddy died as infant)
Both Mary are blind but real Mary got blind at age 14 and TV Mary got blind at age 15 1/2.
Both Laura are tomboy..They run, shout, climb tree, and fishing.
Real Carrie born in 1870. 100 years later, TV Carrie born in 1870.
Real Grace born in 1877. 100 years later, TV Grace born in 1877.

Birthday- Real Ingalls and Cast members.
Charles Philip Ingalls- Jan 10, 1836. Michael Landon (Charles)- Oct 31, 1936.
Caroline Lake Quiner-Holbrook Ingalls- Dec 12, 1839. Karen Grassle (Caroline)- Feb 12, 1942.
Mary Amelia Ingalls- Jan 10, 1865. Melissa Sue Anderson (Mary)- Sept 26, 1962.
Laura Elizabeth Ingalls - Feb 7, 1867. Melissa Gilbert (Laura)- May 8, 1964.
Caroline "Carrie" Celestia Ingalls- Aug 3, 1870. Lindsay & Sidney Greenbush (Carrie)- May 25, 1970.
Grace Pearl Ingalls - May 23, 1877. Wendi & Brenda Turnbaugh (Grace)- Aug 13, 1977.

Both Charles had brown hair. Real Charles had blue eyes. TV Charles had brown eyes.
Both Caroline had brown hair. Real Caroline had brown eyes. TV Caroline had blue eyes.
Both Mary had blonde hair and blue eyes.
Both Laura had brown hair and brown eyes.
Both Carrie had brown hair. Real Carrie had brown eyes. TV Carrie had blue eyes.
Both Grace had blond hair and blue eyes.

Both Charles and Caroline.
Real Mary never married. TV Mary married to Adam Kendall (Fiction character)
Both Laura married to Almanzo Wilder
Real Carrie married to David. TV Carrie is still young.
Real Grace married to Mr. Dow (forget his real name). TV Grace is still baby.

Charles and Caroline had five. TV Ingalls have 7...Albert, James, and Cassandra are fiction Characters.
Mary never had any. TV Mary have 2 but both died. One is miscarriage and other died in fire.
Both Laura have two.
Carrie had step children and TV Carrie is still young.
Grace never had any. TV Grace is still baby.

Where they born?
Charles- Cuba, New York. Michael Landon- New York.
Caroline- Wisconsin. Karen Grassle- Berkeley, California.
Mary- Pepin, Wisconsin. Melissa Sue Anderson- Berkeley, California.
Laura- Pepin, Wisconsin. Melissa Gilbert- Los Angeles, California.
Carrie- Kansas. Lindsay and Sidney Greenbush- Hollywood, California.
Grace- Burr Oaks, Iowa. Wendi and Brenda Turnbaugh- Los Angeles, California.

How old they are now?
Both Charles are dead. Real Charles is 173. Michael Landon is almost 73.
Caroline is dead, she is almost 170. Karen Grassle is alive, she is 67.
Mary is dead, she is 144. Melissa Sue is alive, she is almost 47
Laura is dead, she is 142. Melissa Gilbert is alive, she is 45.
Carrie is dead, she is almost 139. Lindsay and Sidney are alive, they are 39.
Grace is dead, she is 132. Wendi and Brenda are alive, they are almost 32.

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  1. Yes, I did enjoy reading about the TV vs the real folks. Please do not storm out when I suggest making grammar corrections. That is how we learn. I still make mistakes, and I am old.

  2. Such great information you are sharing on your blog. I am learning such a lot about Little House On The Prairie. Thank you.

  3. There is a mistake at "same":

    Real Carrie born in 1870. 100 years later, TV Carrie born in 1870.
    Real Grace born in 1877. 100 years later, TV Grace born in 1877.

    You mean 1970 and 1977 ;D, don't you?

  4. Yikes, this blog must have been published by a total illiterate...seriously...

    1. At the top she starts off by saying she is deaf and while she can sign very quickly, she would like to improve her writing skills. Let's all be supportive please.

    2. Seriously, get a life. she did a great job writing blog

  5. Michael Landon dead for YEARS, sadly pancreatic cancer. He had blue eyes.

  6. some people should learn when to open your mouth and when to keep it shut.

  7. Who cares about spelling it is not our place to judge! I know a computer scientist and she makes typos all the time! People and glass houses spring to mind!! either shut up or shove off!, i for one found the information very interresting........

  8. I also think she did a wonderful job supplying us with all that info!!......

  9. The real Laura Ingalls had blue eyes, not brown. :)