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Ma's Holiday

Hello. Here is episodes review. Season 1, episode 8- Ma's Holiday. This episode is my 2nd favorite for season 1.
Aired- Nov 6, 1974. That mean filmed in end of July or early August 1974. Melissa Gilbert, Melissa Sue Anderson, Lindsay and Sidney Greenbush told interview, Ma's Holiday is their favorite episode. Lindsay had a early memory. She sat on roof.
Here pictures- all are order but I pick favorite pictures.


Episode review. A lot scenes of Mr. Edwardsa and Girls. Some of Pa and Ma.

Pa and girls smiling at ma and they know what is it, Ma did not know about it. So pa told her that "We are going to Mankato for 6 days. Mrs. Grace Sniders will take care of Mary, Laura, and little Carrie. Pa went to Sniders' house and she got sore throat. Pa went back to home. Girls look sad but they heard Mr. Edwards sing. They ran to him and ask him for take care of girls. Girls became happy that he can babysitter them.

Pa and ma left. Girls eat supper with him. Look at Laura (picture- two of them). See she get green bean but she accident put it in milk then eat it. Mr. Edwards said that he was Sitting Bull. Carrie became little bad girl. She refused to eat and Laura gave her a spoon of food. Carrie put it on Mr. Edwards' nose. Mary say Carrie! Be good girl. Carrie said, Good girl. So cute!

They saw Mr. Edwards put Carrie's plate on floor and Jack ate chicken! They wash it then put Carrie in the bed. Mr. Edwards told them go to bed. Girls want a story but he said No. Laura ask him for pray. They pray and Mr. Edwards look at them. Then he give a kiss to Laura and Mary.

Mr. Edwards heard Carrie crying. She want to eat. So he put hot food on plate and saw her high chair. Carrie went to bed. Then He put plate on floor and Jack eat it again. Next day, Mary and Laura are hurry go to school because Mr. Edwards not wake them early and they will be late for school Carrie will be stay home with Mr. Edwards.

Carrie is little troublemaker. They doing laudry. Carrie watch him to wash sheets and she run to log near creek. Carrie pulled a clean sheet and fell on her. He sigh then tied her with string to pole. They went to hills. Jack barking at rattlesnake. They got it. He shoot the rattlesnake. He make it in pot (ACTUALLY chicken but it is pretend to be rattlesnake meat) and Carrie play with Rattlesnake's rattle tail.

Pa and Ma went to out for dinner. They eat fancy food.

Mary and Laura done their homework and smelling from it. They wonder why it's smell awful. They look at pot and they sniff. They watching Mary eat meat. She bite one piece of meat and coughing. Laura look at her and bite the meat too. Carrie eat it and meat stick out of her mouth and she seem like it. Then Laura tried give meat to Jack but Jack not want eat it.

They watch him put Carrie in bed but she giggle and shaking. Mary told him, Pa tell her story when she is restless. Laura took a book. Story name is Goldlocks and Three bears. Mr. Edwards talk about them but Carrie not like make up words. Laura read it to them. Then Mr. Edwards fell asleep.

Mary and Laura in bed. Mary could not sleep because of lighting. She ask Laura if she wake up. Laura woke up and they forget to collect eggs or chickens will make eggs go bad. They went to downstairs. Mary put matches in the lanters then they went to outside and pick the eggs.

Mr. Edwards heard chickens clucking and squawks. He took a gun and they open door. He shot it up to the roof. Girls came in and Mr. Edwards told them why do that? You better know that wolves is outside. They look at him and think it was funny and Mary ask him, Wolves in rain? They went to bed.

Pa and Ma went to the play, the play make ma upset then they went to store. She want a new bonnet but lady said That woman lost kids and they still find it but they not know that their kids been dead for years and years.

Mr. Edwards look for Carrie. Carrie hid in the bed. She play Pee-A-Boo. The girls walk from school and they saw Carrie sitting on the roof. Lindsay said it was her early memories and they put belts on her and sit on roof and she will not fell off the roof. Anyway Girls ran to house and told him that Carrie will fall off! Mr. Edwards nailed her dress to roof. They look at each another. Carrie is not scared and she was smile.

They went inside and roof is perfect. They went to school. Then Carrie is play horsey with him. Girls saw them and decide go to sit on his back. Mr. edwards' back start hurt. They help him go to the chair. Mary said, Not worry, I will take of Carrie and Laura doing her chores. Laura said Why I have to do chores? Mary told her becaue you are youngest. Laura told her that Carrie is youngest then Mary told her, No that sound sillier. Then Carrie make mess. She play with pots and pans. She put pot on her head and it is like hat. Laura said, I thought you will take care of her. Mary told her, I know but if not arguing!

They clean house. Laura went to store and give eggs but she saw Pa and Ma in wagon and she told Mr. Oleson to tell them stay for little while. So Laura hurries sweep, Mary hurries to get laudry. Laura took Carrie to her bed and change dress. Mary make bed then they are finish. Ma and Pa came home. Girls said Pa! Ma! They are happy that they are here. They hug and pa bring presents for girls! Mr. Edwards went to home.

The End. I will watch that episode this afternoon!
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