Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Episodes

There is five Christmas Episodes. Few scene of Christmas from Pilot Movie, Christmas on the Plum Creek (season 1), Blizzard (season 3), Christmas they never forget ( season 8), and Bless the Children (the movie)(season 10)
Christmas on the Plum Creek and Christmas they never forget are my favorite episodes!

CHRISTMAS ON THE PLUM CREEK. It is so sweet episode! Summary.

Ingalls have first christmas in Walnut Grove! They are very excited. Pa, Ma, Mary, Laura, and Carrie have their own coins. Carrie ask pa what is Christmas? They not have enough money for buy presents. So Laura decide doing knit scarf for pa. Mary sew a shirt for pa and she work with Miss Whipple, who work for sew clothes. Ma decide sew a shirt for pa.
Mary come home and ask parents if she can help Miss Whipple. Big goofs--She said "I can sew her that I show, I mean I can sew that I show her", she suppose not said that. I thought it was cute.
Laura and Carrie went to store. Carrie had a penny. She want a star. Star is cost five cent but Mr. Oleson decide give her and get a penny from Carrie. (That is so sweet of him) So, Pa make a saddle for Laura. So she can use it for her lovely horse, Bunny. Laura decide trade Bunny for get new stove for ma. That is nice of Laura.
On Chrismas day, they woke up and open presents. Pa open presents. Ma hide the present because Ma and Mary sew same shirt for pa. Pa gave saddle for Laura. Mary got new furcape. Carrie got new carved necklace. Ma got new stove from Laura! Carrie said Open mine papa, so pa and Carrie open a gift. She said It for baby Jesus (that is really adorable)
So, Pa look at her and lift her to tree. Carrie put star on it. She said Happy Birthday, baby Jesus.


On Christmas Eve, Ingalls and Wilder in the Little House. Pa saw a wagon. Mary and Adam come from New York for surprise. Carrie sit on ladder and stare at star. That star is different from other one. Pa, Ma, Mary, Laura, Carrie, Grace, Albert, James, Cassandra, Adam, Almanzo, and Hester Sue share dinner.
Snow is really bad and wind blow harder. Before, Kendall going home but they had to stay here. Pa said Hester Sue, Albert, James, Carrie, and Cassandra sleep in Loft so Laura and Mary share big bed.(Pa and Ma's)Almanzo tell story about his Christmas. Hester Sue and Ma tell too. Laura told them about Kansas (from Pilot Movie). Next day, Carrie woke up and tell pa that Christmas is here.
Nothing much about presents :( but I really like see Ingalls family together.

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  1. I would LOVE to see this Christmas episodes. Thank you for telling us about them.
    Lindsay & Jessica