Thursday, June 11, 2009

Little House in the Big Woods

I recently read it last night. That book is nice book. It is first book that Laura wrote in 1932. I read it first time in early 2000s, I not remember when.
I will tell you summary about it. But it is little hard to explain. I tell you which parts, I enjoy read.

Long time ago, sixty years ago in 1871. There is a little girl name is Laura. She live in big woods in Pepin, Wisconsin with her pa and ma and two sisters. She is four years old. She had so much chores! Mend, baking, tend, and other. Her favorite are Baking and Churning. She dislike Sundays because they had to be quiet and sit on chair. Play little bit but most time quiet.
I read first 10 chapters, No one talk about Baby Carrie. She said she have two sisters. No pictures of Baby Carrie in first 10 chapters. I love part is Christmas because it sound sweet.
She got very first rag-doll, Charlotte. She had a corncob, Susan. Mary is bigger than her and she had rag-doll, Nettie. She sometime let Laura hold Nettie. Susan cant see, That was not Susan's fault because she is corncob.
Foods- I think it is pretty okay, They eat pig tongue and liver. Even Bear's drumsticks. I think it sound kind of clever that their pa would blow up Pig's bladder like balloon and tied with string. They can play it as ball.
They eat curd. After Churning, carrot (or cheese). They eat GREEN curd. I thought it is little gross but interesting.
I like chapter about Dance at Grandma's. They goes to their grandparents house for dance. Laura Ingalls and other Laura Ingalls are fight about which baby is cutest. Laura "Half Pint" said Carrie is MOST cute but other Laura said No, she doesn't.
I forget tell you about "Half Pint", that is Laura's nickname. Pa call her Half Pint. Because she is SO small. Sometime he call her, Half Pint of drunk cider but i forget something. She is strong frenchhorse.
She had bad behavior sometime. Mary and Laura get ringlets that Ma put rag on their hair. Laura had mousy brown hair. Mary had beautiful golden hair. They ask Aunt Lottie. Mary said "Which blond hair or brown hair best?".. Aunt Lottie said she liked both. Laura and Mary had to pick tree chips. "She like mine best than your brown hair" Mary said. Laura became mad and slapped her in face. Pa saw all.
I will tell you more about other books, my fingers are tired from typing.


  1. That was very interesting. I am not sure I would like to eat pigs tongue or liver!!
    Great review.

  2. That is fascinating, BG! I loved reading this.


    Sheila :-)