Monday, June 8, 2009

Carrie's button necklace


I have Little House craft book. I made a button necklace. Laura and Mary made a button necklace for Carrie's Christmas present. I thought it was cute. Also in the book, I read, "Laura and Mary found buttons in Ma's button box and they found many pretty buttons, including dog head button, shapes, and even a little castle on button".

Do you spot banana button?
If you want to make a button necklace, Here are the directions.

I found buttons in my string box. Some are tangles. It is not Carrie's. I found some buttons on clothes that broken or fell off.
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  1. Your button necklace looks great. I enlarged the picture so I could see the cute banana button! I like the heart shaped buttons too.
    When I was a little girl my Grandma and I would always play with her button box. We made trails of buttons through the house and followed them. We also pretended they were sweets/candy and made a shop.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh, BJ... this is SO cute! That is so clever, too. I see the bananas! Very, very cute. I want you to show me this the next time I see you, okay?

    Thanks for the directions... I might just try to make one of these!


    Sheila :-)

  3. Thank you for posting this! My kids and I just got a bunch of buttons at a yard sale and we made some necklaces for my daughter's 5th birthday party. Guess what the theme is? Yep! Little House! We are even going to have a pig's bladder to blow up and kick around as a ball. How fun does that sound? I've really enjoyed looking through your blog and I'm happy to find another Little House nut just like me and my kids. We are now reading the books about Laura's great-grandmother, Martha, and grandmother, Charlotte, and mother, Caroline. I also purchased the books about Laura's daughter, Rose. We all love them!

  4. just like Carrie's necklace