Sunday, April 19, 2009

Little House on the Prairie


Look at three pictures.
1st picture- of course you know that! Little House (1974-1983)

2nd picture- Little house mini series (2005)- Notice, there no Carrie. Jack look different! Pa and Ma are different from Little house 1974. Mary and Laura look cute. If you look back of them and You thought it was Melissa Gilbert and Melissa Anderson. That Laura and Mary are almost same height. In 1974, Mary is about 4-6 inches taller than wee Laura. I recently watch that one yesterday night, it was really sweet. Laura and Mary have blonde but Laura have little wee brown but more likely dirt blonde. They have strange clothes than little house 1974. they have thick stockings and weird shoes. That why they filmed in Canada and little house 1974 filmed in California, hot and sunny California.

3rd picture- Little house- true story of Laura Ingalls Wilder (2000) weird. Not see Jack. Not know much about that show but really strange!

Little house Pa- 1974 pa is more cute and funny. 2000- I dont know. 2005- "Okay" but weird
Little house Ma- 1974- very gentle and nice. 2000- I dont know. 2005- not really like that ma.
Little house Mary- 1974- sweet and cute and not scared much. 2000- ???. 20005- "Okay" but cute and easy cry and afraid.
Little house Laura- 1974- cute freckle and bucktooth Laura. 2000- ???. 2005- like 1974 Laura but cute.
Little house Carrie- 1974- really cute, very very cute Carrie. 2000- ???. 2005- No Carrie.
Little house Jack (dog)- 1974- adorable and very sweet dog. 2000- I not know if Jack in that. 20005- little cute but seem very gentle!

I like both, 2005 have dvd. 1974-1983 have really funny episodes and sad episodes. 2005- one episode but two hours movie, it is almost same pilot movie 1974 but no christmas scenes.
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  1. I love your commentary on this. I will have to watch the series at some point and compare my take with yours.


    Sheila :-)