Friday, January 16, 2009

Little House on the prairie- Sept 11, 1974 to March 21, 1983. There 9 seasons includes movies- Pilot Movie and 3 movies (really in season 10). I always watch that show! I love Ingalls. Mary, Laura, Carrie, Cassandra, and Grace Ingalls are my favorite characters! here informations about their first and final appearance. I dont like their final appearance, it make me sad. Also people in Walnut Grove- real and non-fiction from books.
Michael Landon (Charles Ingalls)- 1974-1983.
Karen Grassle (Caroline Ingalls)-1974-1983.
Melissa Gilbert (Laura Ingalls)-1974-1983.
Melissa Sue Anderson (Mary Ingalls)-1974-1981.
Lindsay Sidney Greenbush-they are twins- (Carrie Ingalls) 1974-1982.
Wendi and Brenda Turnbaugh (Grace Ingalls)- 1978-1982.
Matthew Labyorteaux (Albert Ingalls)-1978-1983.
Jason Bateman (James Ingalls)- 1981-1982.
Missy Francis (Cassandra Ingalls)- 1981-1982.
Linwood Boomer (Adam Kendall)- 1978-1981.
Dean Butler (Almanzo Wilder)-1979-1983.
Shannen Doherty (Jenny Wilder)-1982-1983.
I prefer early seasons.
Pa, Ma, Mary, Laura, Carrie, Freddy, Grace, Almanzo, Mr. Edwards, Jack, Nellie, Willie, Miss Beadle, Mr. Oleson, and Rev. Alden, also Christy and Sandy Kennedy, Johnny Johnson, Lars Hanson are real from Book.
Adam, Albert, James, Cassandra, Jenny Wilder, Mrs. Edwards, John Jr, Carl, Alicia, Bandit, Hester Sue and blind kids and some school kids and Mrs. Whipple and the Garveys family are fiction, not from book.

Walnut Grove, Sleepy Eye, Mankato, St Paul, Roschester, Minneapolis, and Winoka are real.
some episodes in season 7-8 make me sad, like Mary and Adam have to move to NY, and last episode of Season 8, Carrie, Grace, Cassandra, James left (their final appearance).

FACT- some people have wig. like Mary Ingalls, she had a wig in season 7-8 because of her bad haircut (shorter hair), Nellie Oleson had wig in season 1-7 and 9, Even Miss Beadle because her hair is shorter, never long.

here my favorite episodes but there so many episodes like 200.
season 1- Town party and Country party, Christmas on the Plum Creek and Founder's day.
Season 2- Four eyes, The Big Inning, The Gift, Campout, and For My Lady.
Season 3- Bunny (it is so funny episode), The Little girl lost, and Fred (it is so hilarious episode)
season 4- Most precious gift, To Run and hide, and I'll waving as you drive away.
Season 5- The Wedding and Godsister.
Season 6- Sweet sixteen, He love me, he love me not, and Dark is my friend (some scenes are good)
season 7- Laura Ingalls Wilder, To see the light (some scenes are good, one scene is really crazy like Adam yells for Mary, and he yells at Mr. Garvey and he said, I CAN SEE! I CAN SEE!, he was like more hyper LOL), Lost ones (Cassandra is so cute)
Season 8- A Christmas they never forget
season 9- NONE, I dont really like it.
season 10- I like the movies
Pilot Movie- I like it, the girls are so cute! that their first appearance!

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